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Q: Where Can I learn Hamam and Turkish Massage?

A: You can take Hamam and Turkish Massage training in Antalya-Turkey and Aachen-Germany.


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The Health and Natural Therapies Association  


The Health and Natural Therapies Association advances the knowledge and practice of massage and natural therapies by supporting scientific research, education, application and community service. 


The Health and Natural Therapies Association was founded by Nihat Ayçeman in 2005 as a voluntary and non-profit association for professional holistic health, spa, wellness, massage and natural therapists in Turkey. The mission of bringing the benefits of massage therapy to the broadest spectrum of society through the generation, dissemination and application of knowledge in this field. We do this by receiving donations and granting funds for research, community service, educational initiatives and conferences. We also do this by providing direct consultation to the medical and research communities, and by educating therapists/providers about the world of industry.

The Association:


·   promotes a spirit of co-operation in the holistic health, spa, wellness profession in Turkey and facilitates the exchange of information between members through meetings and newsletters.

·   has established a code of ethics to safeguard the therapist and the client.

·   promotes the use and benefits of massage therapy.

·   continually promotes high standards in training and practice in the field

·   publishes a quarterly newsletter for members.

·   supports members national and international with their promotions.


Administrative Board

Nihat Ayceman, M.Sc.
Ozgur Ozdemir, M.Sc.
Ilkay Orhan, M.Sc.
Özgür Nalbant, M.Sc.
Recep Okay
President : Nihat Ayceman (CV)
Vice President: Ozgur Ozdemir
Secretary: İlkay Orhan



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