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Q: Where Can I learn Hamam and Turkish Massage?

A: You can take Hamam and Turkish Massage training in Antalya-Turkey and Aachen-Germany.


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Thai Massage Certificate Program

Thai Massage Theory, Demonstration and Practice
The course is divided into four sections which are designed to be taken in order, as the material progresses from
the theoretical foundations of Thai Massage through increasingly complex movements. By completing all four courses, student will have completed a total of 200 (40 hours clinical practice) hours of Thai bodywork, including explanations, hands-on demonstrations, and 40 hours clinic practice in supervised setting. The demonstration and practice of Thai Massage is to the front, side, back (lying on the stomach), and sitting positions.

Anatomy & Physiology
Anatomy & Physiology is the study of how the body works, where the organs are positioned and what their function is.It is necessary to study Anatomy & Physiology in order to gain a qualification in other related subjects such as Massage or bodywork. This must be studied because when practitioner perform a Massage (or any other treatment), practitioner need to know joints, muscles and where the organs are positioned and what they do. Without this knowledge, it would in fact be quite dangerous to give a treatment.

The course will cover the Anatomy, Physiology and common Pathology of all the major systems within the body, including:
  1. Cells, connective tissues, membranes
  2. The skeletal system
  3. Arthrology - the study of joints
  4. Muscular system
  5. Cardio-Vascular System- blood
  6. Lymphatic system
  7. Respiratory system
  8. Digestive system
  9. Endocrine system
  10. Urinary System
  11. Nervous System
  12. Sensory System

   Thai Massage Levels/Classes


Level I: Foundation of Thai Massage                      40 hours

Level II: Intermediate Thai Massage                      40 hours
Level III: Thai Sen Therapy                                      40 hours
Level IV: Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage    40 hours
Practice/Clinical Practice                                         40 hours
LevelLesson/SubjectHourCourse Content

Level I Foundation of Thai Massage Course

Thai massage theory, demonstration and practice30 hours

This course establishes the foundation of Thai massage. Provides a basic foundation for the traditional healing art of Thai Massage where students will learn body mechanics, the quality of touch, and how to incorporate movement and position into a healing practice. It will encourage the students to develop their understanding of Thai Massage on the front position and create enthusiasm for learning more. The concepts of meridians, energy lines (Sen), and Yin and Yang are introduced. This course covers practical aspects such as stretches, acupressure points, proper use of body weight, and techniques using thumbs, palms, elbows, and feet. Additional emphasis is placed on deep, focused abdominal (Hara) work.
A brief background of Thai Massage ethics will be discussed.
Anatomy & Physiology 10 hours

1. Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology - Introductory lesson will define and outline the organization in this study area.
2. Cells (Foundation of Life) - Cells and their importance in this study
3.  Tissue (Different Types and Functions)
4. The Skeletal System - The Skeletal System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
5. Arthrology - the study of joints -what does it do, and how does it work.

Level II Intermediate Thai Massage


Thai massage theory, demonstration and practice  30 hoursLevel II builds upon Level I and continues to the side, back (lying on the stomach), and sitting positions. Students learn advanced yogic stretching positions and additional techniques using knees and fists.
Upon completion of Level I and II, students have a substantial foundation of understanding in complete major positions of Thai Massage and can expect to perform a comprehensive 3-hour treatment.
After completion level I and II students continue clinical/Spa practice for 20 hours
Anatomy & Physiology10 hours6. The Muscular System - The Muscular System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
7.  The Cardiovascular System - The Cardiovascular System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
8. The Lymphatic System - The Lymphatic System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.

Level III
Thai Sen Therapy 

Thai massage theory, demonstration and practice30 hours

Thai massage is based on the idea that there are energy channels or Sen running through the body. When the Sen becomes blocked, the energy becomes inactive and the body loses its balance causing discomfort or illness to a person.This advanced level takes students to the in-depth look at the 10 major energy lines (Sen) and their application combined to the routines learned in Level I and II. More emphasis is placed on opening and activating these ten lines. The theory and  comparison of Sen with  fourteen meridians(Chinese), Nadi(Indian) and Shiatsu.
Anatomy & Physiology 10 hours9.  The Respiratory System - The Respiratory System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
10.  The Digestive System - The Digestive System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
11.  The Urinary System - The Urinary System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.

Level IV
Advanced Therapeutic Thai Massage

Thai massage theory, demonstration and practice30 hours

This advanced course takes a closer look at Thai massage as a therapy. It introduces new pressure points to relieve ailments such as headache, back pain, shoulder and neck stiffness, headache and numbness in legs and arms, etc. Students will learn not only how to locate the points, but also how to work properly on these points for effective healing.
The new acupressure points combine new advanced moves with previously learned routines in Level I and II. These acupressure points are compared with the Chinese acupuncture points
This course consists of all four lessons.
• Chinese energy meridians vs. "Sen energy lines" for Thai therapy/treatments
• Advanced stretches in all four positions
• Mastering alignment and body mechanics
Be able to practice all Thai Massage positions, techniques, and sequences with participants spending most of the class time practicing selected movements from the four basic positions working on each other. • Be able to perform a 2 hours Thai massage session fluidly without a work-book or any other visual guides. . Discussion on Thai massage professional ethics.
Anatomy & Physiology10 hours12.  The Endrocrine System - The Endrocrine System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
13.  The Nervous System - The Nervous System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.
14.  The Sensory System - The Sensory System- what is it, what does it do, and how does it work.

Practice/Clinical Practice

LevelPractice CenterDurationContent


I and II

(after finishing

I and II)

Spa & Wellness
and Massage Centers

20 hours

5 days

School and Association management arrange practice program for all practitioner. All training is under closed teacher supervision. Discussion of, theory in depth, briefing on anatomy, discussion on pathology and massage planning for professional application. Students learn to give front, side, back and sitting position massage.
(all levels) 

20 hours

5 days

Students learn to provide Thai massage professionally in Spa & Wellness and massage centers.Massage for body, legs, arms, back, shoulder and head
Massage in a looking up posture
Massage in a lying on one side
Massage in a lying on the face
Massage in a sitting posture
Review Completed Protocol all positions, Practice, Final EvaluationThai Massage practitioner, practice advanced positions, integration, massage or Spa center with real clients. Emphasis will be placed on meeting individual needs, correct body mechanics, safety considerations, energetic components, and graceful transitions.


When will this course be run?

The Thai Massage Certificate courses planned 5 times in a year.
Course Times:
Week days: 16:00-20:00
Weekends :
In the theory exam lasting one hour, candidates will be expected to complete a paper containing 50 multiple choice questions on all aspects of the syllabus and must answer 30 questions correctly to achieve a pass grade of 60%.
In the practical exam all students has to demonstrate the randem selected positions/technics by teacher. For each level student has to complete correctly for %60.
Who will teach this course?
The Thai Massage courses are taught by Nihat Ayçeman, M.Sc.
Assistant Instructors: Özgür Özdemir, Phd., İlkay Orhan, Phd. 

Ayçeman, N., Thai Massage Book, 2004




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